The Association of Golf Courses of the Costa Blanca in Helsinki


The Association of Golf Courses of the Costa Blanca is promoting the province of Alicante as a golf destination in the «GO-EXPO» trade fair in Helsinki, Finland, and in collaboration with the Provincial Tourism board.

Golf has emerged in recent years as one of the elements most seasonaly adjustable for tourism in our province, because its peak season is in the spring and autumn however it is complemented so perfectly with the traditional summer season and the sun and beach. In addition to the above, it should be noted that the golf tourist spends 4 times more than the sun and beach tourist, spreading spending across hotels, restaurants, shops, taxis, rent a car, etc.

Thanks to the tenacity of the Association of Golf Courses, with a history of 25 years promoting our destination, the Costa Blanca has become one of the leading destinations in Europe for golf and therefore one of the pillars of the tourism industry in our province.

The Golf Courses of the Costa Blanca are tourist and commercial and receive hundreds of thousands of golf tourists each year, being an important source of income and also creating jobs in the province. The mainstreaming of the wide range of tourism and quality in the province has helped the product of golf on the Costa Blanca differentiate giving it an important advantage.